Friday, January 22, 2010

Bill's Lucky Bob Fly Pattern

The Caddis Fly Shop in Eugene, the, and Hareline Dubbin Co. had a fly tying contest back in November. The only rule was that a Unibobber, a small float, had to be part of the fly. They even supplied a half dozen Unibobbers, mailed to me postage free. I sent for the Unibobbers, and then began to consider the fly I wanted to tie for the contest. Two weeks later, there was a blog entry video on showing how to tie the Lucky Strike, a dry fly pattern using elk or deer hair for the post. I thought this was an excellent and relative easy pattern to tie incorporating the Unibobber. I am not a great fly tier, I have only been tying for a little over a year. With no expectations of winning any of the prizes, I tied my fly using the Unibobber for the post, named it Bill's Lucky Bob, mailed it to the Caddis Fly Shop, and forgot about it.
I check almost daily, as well as several other Northwest fly fishing blogs. I was extremely surprised Tuesday when I logged on the blog and saw my name, a picture of the fly, and the first prize award. First prize was a very nice Italian tying vise.